Design revolves around iteration. A final product is never achieved without trial and error. After research about each architect and learning about the style of architecture they share, I began to visualize what each individual had in connection to the other. Layers of information, complexity and form attain are the commonality that brought all three together. This collection of books needed to live within each other, similar to how they live within the environments these unique buildings are developed in. The break of pattern in a common city is what inspired the visuals for the covers and the bellyband.

From the images, I developed paper sketches that imitated the forms of the buildings. I then layered the image and paper sketch to create the abstracted form for each book cover. With consistent color usage, typography and layout, the books sit well together as a collection but still individually communicate each architect. Once the drafts for the book covers had been developed, I began to play with how all of these books would be packaged together. Layering and pattern were elements I used throughout my book cover designs that I wanted to integrate into the belly band. I created patterns from the first letters of the architects names inspired by their personal style. I printed the cool gray layer on transparent film and layered it on top of the red layer. It creates a three dimension effect and ties the collection together.