Style Guide for Creative Fitness




I began by getting to know Cathy and her studio. A small space in the heart of Pittsburgh, her philosophy is encouraging lifestyle change that fits into our daily schedules. She is encouraging, truthful and respectful of limits. You come to her gym to work your butt off, literally. Creative Fitness is meant to be tailored to each person who wants to change they feel about their body. Cathy works individually and in groups to add a social impact. Cathy and I discussed what she was looking for and what she imagined her gym to be.


Original Logo Design

I interviewed a group of clients that Cathy has made an impact on. The clients input on the identity of Creative Fitness was particularly important because the gym is so personalized. The clients come to Creative Fitness for Cathy; so addressing what the clients see in her gym was critical to discuss. Here are the questions I asked them:

  • What are three things that you appreciate about what Cathy does for you?
  • What does the space need? What kind of gym will work for you as long-term clients and welcoming in more people into the gym?
  • Do you take one-on-one sessions with Cathy or do you also participate in group sessions? Do you enjoy one over another? Is there one more effective for you?
  • Do you have a busy schedule that makes it difficult to workout? Could you workout independently in Cathy's space and still have a successful workout?
  • When you first arrived at Cathy's gym, what was your first impression? Did you feel comfortable? What would have made you feel more comfortable?

After I finalized the plan for what Creative Fitness needed to transform into, I began sketching. I drew, explored typography, colors and symbols. In drafting a few different ideas. I ran into some challenges. I needed to be careful what kind of gym I was portraying. Shown above are my initial sketches included Cathy Fink and Creative Fitness initials. I wanted it to be a recognizable letter combination. While working, a student colleague noticed a link that I never thought about. Cross Fit is an upcoming gym experience that revolves around power training and heavy lifting. The Cross Fit community uses the initials commonly, which is not what Cathy's gym is about. So I pushed that idea to the side and went back to full lettering. As I discussed earlier, the main concentration of Cathy's gym is on personalization. As I was writing, I realized handwriting is an immediate connection to another person. It is light, unique and relatable. I then experimented with combining handwritten words with typography. I had my concept.


Once I had my tools, I started mixing and combining. I developed different formats, colors and wording that all of these pieces could fit into. I developed a flexible system. In order to keep this system together and concise for Cathy to understand while implementing this new identity, I created a Style Guide to follow. The guide provides why everything was developed and how to make decisions about how to use it effectively and within the brand of Creative Fitness.