Poster Series


Web Banners



This entire system was developed in a week. The visual system of the posters and web banners are consistent throughout each piece.  The project began with a three hour design challenge. We were given the dimensions, topic of Creative Mornings and elements to include. The system was meant to be used across all lectures and themes. Ready, set go! Presented here is my three first drafts. I chose the topic of Happiness with the lecture by Pip Jamieson on the ups and downs of start ups. Clearly rough, fun and colorful sketches that I used to get my first ideas out there. I also produced two web banners with the same attitude as the first three. I even attempted a new speaker and topic to see how my proposed system would change.

I improved and built upon my primary goal of the system, which is to make a series that could be altered and changed across speakers, locations and topics that still express the uniqueness of Creative Mornings. For this series I chose colors based on the location, geometric shapes that reflect Creative Mornings identity and artistic input for each topic. All ideas need refinement, but I felt more confident with the direction I was heading in. This series within my process inspired my final system.