My partner and I built out the website from our visual choices and information on Invision App. This tool allows us to upload images and make hot spots to experience the website flow without building the entire site. View the website prototype above to experience the full site capabilities. The site consists of a few important screens. First the home screen, when you open the page, you are presented with an introduction to the project, the ultimate goals and the resources  that Dear Pittsburgh provides. The visual style of the site is to be friendly, creative and highly social. We want users to both write their own letters to the city of Pittsburgh as well as view other letters from all community members. When users select the box to add a new letter and will be prompted to fill in their zip code which aligns to the proper city representative to write their letter to. We then used simple questions to prompt community members to fill out that create a full story of what they are looking for in the community and how they believe education could be different. It is then submitted and can either only be sent to the representative or shared publicly on the site for other community members to read.


Here are a few images of the printed Dear Pittsburgh folder and contents. This includes the folder exterior, the letter template, blank letters, a card to find your representative and an envelope to send your letter in. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for a community member or parent to send a helpful letter in support of ECS and emphasizing the cities education opportunities.


Visual Studies


This was a partner project. So what did I do?

having way too much fun

having way too much fun

We were both very hands on during this entire project. First we divided up different research tasks. We read different articles and looked into different aspects of the Pittsburgh community and how ECS works to engage in the community. Once our research was developed, we came back together to try and see how all of this information is connected. We did this by diagramming and making detailed lists and stories from the information we gathered. For research, we divided specific work so that we could each share a variety of perspectives. We then always came back together to analyze what we had found. We repeated this style of work from start to finish.

I made a great amount of work on the visual style of the site. It was fun and creative to go back to paper and watercolor to make interesting and playful patterns. I worked on the original wireframes of the site to establish flow and information distribution and therefore once the final visual designs were finalized by my partner and I, I developed the Invision App site to create an experience that would replicate the site. Content was also just as important to this project. I wrote all of the content presented on the site and in the letter writing kit. I formatted half the pages of the Dear Pittsburgh letter writing folder, and my partner completed the other half.