Exploration of my design ethos. Technology relies on the large systems it lives within. The systems that humanity functions upon daily needs to be changed in order for important advances in society to occur. Music by Lights & Motion | Fireflies Video Clip by Ryan Farnes | Airport Test


I care about people. I want to always be a good person, to connect with new interesting people. Together, we can make things in the world work better, whether that is more efficiently, making it last longer, and hopefully remaining honest while doing it. We can together change things that matter, like the healthcare system and emergency response to help make a more successful and hopefully innovative future. I believe that in order for society to advance, we need to make an effort to change what really matters. Have a realization, appreciation and respect for all of the systems we have created to live comfortable and safe lives. Through design, you can redesign entire systems, communicate a problem to others more appropriately and even make someone smile while doing it. I love design because of the invisible power it has to change people.