Final Pallantia Identity

The final identity for Pallantia targeted the traditional Spanish culture, the strength and power of the bull and the authenticity stemmed from tapas bars you would typically find in Spain. This restaurant experience is unique to Pittsburgh, so it was important to tell the story of the Chef and the owner by providing the feeling of being directly in Spain. The watermark was designed based off of many images of the Spanish bull to create a strong, dynamic form. The Pallantia typeface was designed by hand inspired by Pamplona posters and morphed from three preexisting typography to create the most representational form.


Pallantia Menu Designs


Pallantia Website


From there I began sketching out ideas and forms that would communicate Pallantia's true characteristics. Based on suggestions of the client, they were interested in creating a bull figure that would stand with pride representing the country. Since the bull is the primary symbol of the culture. I drew, painted, etched and layered different elements and styles to grasp the main feeling of the spanish bull.

Another problem presented itself with the facade of the space. The location of the restaurant is directly off one of the busiest streets in the city for pedestrians shopping and eating. It is around the corner from one of the stores. How are you going to try Pallantia if you don't know it is there? Featured below is the facade of the building. The main idea we came up with was to incorporate the form over the backlit window to attract customers down the street

With this problem in mind I began iterating off of my sketches. I through them into Illustrator and began developing strong forms that signified the spanish bull. Along with the form, I also developed a custom typeface for the restaurant's name. I wanted the letter forms to stand out. I based my type decisions off of traditional tapas restaurants in Spain. Once I developed a visual style I finalized the angular form that would live within the environment of the restaurant and began incorporating type and image.

I continued working on Pallantia through the year in full development of the menu's, local advertisements, and restaurant website complete with photographs of the food to help create a visual identity for the restaurant. What is so important about this project to me as a designer is that I was able to build the brand from start to finish. It lives within the real world and has been so rewarding to see how the brand grows and effects people overtime, and now have a greater understanding for how a brand can live long term.


Pallantia Now Open!

Pallantia has opened in Pittsburgh, PA! I have created the website for the restaurant that features information about the restaurant, the full food and bar menu and details about the owner. It is important to complete the identity of Pallantia both in the physical and digital social world.

Pallantia takes pride in the authenticity of their dishes, from the recipes to the ingredients. The owner Gonzalo is passionate about where he comes from and wanted to share the beauty of Spain here in Pittsburgh. Check the website out at