Tween Box is a proposal for Birchbox, a well known online cosmetics company, to create a unique box that teaches mothers and their daughters about safe cosmetics, proper use of cosmetics and therefore helps the daughter grow into a mature woman. The issue was presented to my partner and I starting with the outlining problem that cosmetics are not regulated in the US. A variety of chemical combinations are used in most inexpensive cosmetic brands. These chemicals have been known to cause cancer, mental disorders and many other diseases. As a young teen is exploring the world of makeup, she looks to her mother, friends and celebrities for products and techniques of using makeup. This relationship between a mother and daughter is sacred. That is why we targeted this specific time in a young girls life so that she can learn about responsible cosmetic usage and change the way we see cosmetics.


Final Proposal Presentation


First we needed to research this issue. First we divided up tasks to get the most variety of research. We read news articles, research papers, and videos to get the widest variety of information. We learned about the different chemicals used in cosmetics, cosmetics to stay away from, how other countries regulate their chemical usage and how the US has made any sort of effort to move away from using harmful chemicals. We needed to establish who is most effected by this problem, what needs to be changed, and where do we want the future to be. There are existing resources that consumers can use to research their cosmetics to see how safe they are.

By laying out all of the facts, stories, stakeholders and system we believe we could improve upon, we were able to decide where we would want Tween Box to intervene, how to do it, and the resources needed in order to make it successful.


We found that the key point in time where women start to use cosmetics is when they are young teenagers. Heavily influenced by the environment, mothers become worried that their daughters are going to learn improper use of cosmetics and possibly come down the stairs in the morning before school with makeup caked on their face. The relationship between a mother and daughter is very important.